Three Reasons Why You Need to Learn Foreign Languages

The political borders have slowly faded away, and people from all countries have become more connected to each other, unlike never before. We all now have the same chance to compete in the global market. And your geographical location no longer limits you from developing your enterprise. However, there is still a significant obstacle that you will face, which is language diversity. And not all languages are equal.

For example, if you are Latin American, you need to polish and standardize your English. You are going to need it the most, especially the ‘ingles para entrevista’, or English for interview. Now, here are three other reasons why you must enrich yourself with at least three or four languages that are not of your native tongue.

It Makes You Stand Out

The professional world is all about competition, and although mastering foreign languages is one of the factors, not many people have the time for it. Now that you are thinking of it, have you noticed that most of your colleagues spend their time after work to pamper themselves? It is widespread for workers these days to be very demanding, especially in developed countries where the narratives of employee welfare are often exaggerated. Dump that YOLO (You Only Live Once) mentality, and allocate your free time to learn Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Russian.

New Languages Mean New Networks

words spoken in many languagesNetworking is the core of all professions. If you know just the right people for a specific professional goal, it will definitely speed everything up and help you to get your target sooner. Besides, your employer will think of you as an exceptional employee, if you can connect them with new partners to expand their business. And what can bring you closer to that level other than foreign language proficiency?

Learn your target language for specific uses such as for business and formal contexts. You don’t have to spend your time learning slangs or dialects. As long as your proficiency is understandable enough to the natives of your target language, then it will suffice.

It Opens Your Minds to Insights

Like it or not, your cognitive abilities are strongly affected by the language you speak. Let’s say you encounter a problem X, and you Google the information related to it. If you only speak one language, then your sources are limited to it. But if you know more than one, you can devour all the reports on X from different tongues and make a synthesis out of them. In the professional world, if you have access to various sources from different languages, you will be a strong decision-maker.…

Tips on Boosting Self-Confidence for Teens

Most teens tend to have issues with self-confidence as this is usually the peak of adolescence. You can help your children in their teens to improve their self-confidence by using some helpful information. The following tips will come in handy.

Recognize your talents


It is easy to blow off abilities more so if your peers make fun of you. However do not get swayed instead get serious with yourself by making a list of the stuff you love doing and you are good at. Keep this for yourself and look at it now and then. Remember it every time you flunk a test, or you say something you did not intend to. These talents will not go away, and you can rely on them all your life as long as they are cultivated.

Cultivate abilities

You can have many abilities and interests that it is not possible to develop all of them or you can have one thing which you love doing. Irrespective, try developing and using some of these abilities in applications that are beyond school. This will open more opportunities for you to look for activities in the community and can also remove you from the peer judgment.

Resist the urge of comparison

When looking at your classmates, pictures of celebrities, and friends, try to resist the temptation of scrutinizing them as the gold standard that you should aspire. Somebody will always have nicer hair, superior athletic prowess or better legs than you do. But these people do not set for you the standard. You are yourself, and they cannot measure up to that.

Listen to your inner voice

You should stop and listen to the inner thoughts for a moment. Be very keen on what you think about yourself in response to some situations. Whatever you say to yourself when you wake up in the morning, go to class or interact with your friends. If you tear down yourself with negative thoughts, you should stop. Address negative self-talk and instead replace with positive self-confidence.

Be like a duck

belikeaduckBy being like a duck, it implies that you need to let negative attitudes and words roll off your back. If you take every off-hand comment or criticism to heart, you may become paralyzed with fear of other people’s judgment. Remember teenage-hood and school are not forever. You will at one point get out of the stage, and so you need not let the criticisms sabotage your future that lasts longer than middle or high school.
These tips will help you cultivate you boost your teenage self-confidence.