Nat’l Voter Registration Day

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In 2008, after many of the biggest voter registration drives, the US Census found that over 6 million eligible Americans still didn’t cast a ballot simply because they didn’t know how to register to vote or they missed their state’s deadline.

In 2012, we need to make sure no one has that excuse.

National Voter Registration Day started from a simple concept. How can we build such a fever pitch around voter registration to ensure that every American knows how to register and knows about impending deadlines to register? The answer was staring us in the face: build a day of action where organizations, businesses, and people, operating either very locally or through a national media loudspeaker could all promote the same message: you need to register to vote!

And that during a Presidential election, when blood is running hot, that we could have a single day where just say: “We don’t care who you’re voting for, we just care that you vote.”

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