What We Do

Good people doing good things. Need more details? Try this on for size:

Of Young People

We help America’s biggest & most diverse generation take our rightful seat at democracy’s decision-making table. It’s not that we hate money in politics (although we aren’t its biggest fan). It’s just that we think democracy works better when more people participate–and that means voting, volunteering, speaking up, listening, and voting again. Whether through collaborative programs like National Voter Registration Day and Trick or Vote or local candidate forums and high school partnerships, the Bus’s programs promote civic engagement year-round and at all sorts of levels.

By Young People

Are leaders born or made? We think a little bit of both. So we try to identify highly capable people, we teach ’em, push ’em, test ’em, and let ’em loose in the world to make it a better place. Our service learning approach to leadership development applies to virtually everything we do, from volunteer opportunities to staff positions, but not all opportunities are created equal. We also have some more formal and more intense leadership development opportunities, like internships & Fellowships. Check ’em out on our affiliates’ pages!

For All People

Good people try to do good things all the time in their country. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to be able to help. On issues including immigration policy, budget matters, education, energy reform, health care, civil and human rights, and others, Bus volunteers have put campaigns over the top and secured important policy victories that help all of us out. Check out our most recent wins in our 2014 Report.