Our Affiliates

These folks put the Bus and the Federation in the Bus Federation Civic Fund. Our local affiliates are the heart and soul of our organization. These people are out on the ground — going into high schools, pounding the pavement with voter registration cards, designing elaborate Halloween costumes. Y’know–the hard stuff. The stuff that pays off in the end.

Who are they?

New Era Colorado Foundation — From voting naked to running New Era News, these folks keep Colorado politics lively.

Forward Montana Foundation — Ever seen a volunteer registering voters? Ever seen a volunteer registering voters while dressed as a pink bunny? If the answer is no then you haven’t seen Forward’s volunteers running around Missoula, Bozeman, or other fine Montana locales.

(Oregon) Bus Project Foundation — From the folks who brought you the Bus… These Oregonians engage tens of thousands through voter registration, Candidates Gone Wild candidate forums, and Give a Sh*t Happy Hours. They’re also the big sibling of all the rest of these fine, fine organizations.

The Washington Bus Education Fund — Have you pledged to vote yet? If not, the Washington Bus Education Fund will track you down and you will pledge. From owning the scene at the Capitol Hill Block Party to their Candidate Survivor showdowns, there’s no one making politics cooler from Seattle to Spokane (and in the Tri-Cities, obviously).

These four organizations, after years of learning from eachother, joined together to form the Bus Federation Civic Fund. Exciting, huh?

Incubating Organizations

Sometimes, when a whole bunch of volunteers LOVE democracy, they spend time close…brainstorming, plotting, getting sweaty in the field, and asking their friends and family to join together. This is how organizations are born. It’s quite adorable, really (and a little messy, to be honest).

The Bus Federation Civic Fund is lucky enough to work with volunteers around the country starting their own organizations. Call us a midwife for democracy (just don’t call us often – HA!).

These operations are all in different phases. Some are simply a germ of an idea. Some are young and just starting to crawl. Some are (surprisingly) large for their size and ready to play in the big leagues already. Like kids, they develop on their own timeline, but we love them all!

Here they are:

Chicago Votes Education Fund — Da Bears, Da Cubs, DaMocracy, Chicago Votes is a bunch of talented folks working their tails off to make Chicago a better place to live, work, and vote.

MOVE San Antonio Foundation — These upstart young’ns are making sure you not only remember the Alamo, but you never forget the power of young Texans.

Ohio Student Association — From Cleveland, to Columbus, to Cincinnati, the league of social justice superheroes at OSA are all about youth power. From fighting student debt to dismantling the School-to-Prison pipeline, OSA ain’t nothin’ to mess with.

Incubate your own

How do you start a Bus? Turn the key. And by turn, we mean “excite.” And by key, we mean “the people who make democracy possible.”

One of our jobs here at the Bus Federation Civic Fund is to help other people start similar organizations, so feel free to reach out to get engaged. We’d love to have you. Be warned, though, it’s a huge commitment.