Things We Believe

Every organization has to have some beliefs. These are ours. They aren’t hard and fast rules. They’re more like guidelines. But we’ve spent a while thinking about these things. Here’s what we’ve figured out.

Stuff That Matters:

  1. Democracy works best when it is hands-on, driven by volunteers (usually on a bus).
  2. Forward-thinking politics transcends party lines. Positive politics builds civic trust and engagement.
  3. Actions are judged by outcomes in the short, medium, and long term.
  4. Investment in youth pays long term dividends.
  5. Laughter and fun are powerful political tools.
  6. Success relies on building homegrown organizations that last for the long term.
  7. The public interest needs full-spectrum advocates inside and outside of elections.
  8. Trust in people and partners accelerates change.
  9. States are crucial building blocks of American democracy.
  10. Innovation is key to remaining nimble, effective, and relevant.
  11. The diversity of our nation should be reflected in our leadership.
  12. Not left, not right, but forward.