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We’re growing!

Yesterday, the boards of directors of the Bus Federation voted to bring two organizations formally into the Bus Federation: the Ohio Student Association (OSA) and M.O.V.E. San Antonio.

Who they are: It’s hard to overstate how excited the Bus family is for this moment. Despite being relatively young organizations, OSA and MOVE have demonstrated incredible work in the field. Last year, MOVE organized the single largest campus event for National Voter Registration Day in the country, helping over 700 San Antonians register in a single day (their photos are amazing).

OSA has just launched an expansive community fellowship with youth from across Ohio, from both on- and off-campus, developing new leaders for change. They’re bringing an intense focus to educational access and equity in Ohio, as well as the criminalization of youth and the state’s school-to-prison pipeline.

What this means: All¬†Affiliates of the Bus Federation get connected to our whole network for peer learning and support (both remotely and through in-person convenings), access to technology platforms and program models to apply locally, and a commitment from our national team to help with everything that is needed, from training to fundraising to coaching to whatever folks need. In recent years, we’ve moved hundreds of thousands of dollars into local programs and are on track to repeat that performance this year.

How This Happened: Yesterday’s vote was the culmination of a nearly year-long process for both organizations. The process involves Bus leaders from our boards and existing affiliates meeting with and working alongside leaders from these organizations, helping with program, development, and operations planning and getting a deep sense of the organizations. The Bus is committed to growth–but in an intentional way and at a deliberate pace.

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